Putting America first means putting American citizens first. The Elite of our society promise us that immigrants make our country stronger but is this really the case? Contrary to what corporate media and corrupt institutions claim, immigration has negative effects on the country, such as importing reduced living standards and cultures that are antithetical to our own.


Media, corporations, and political forces have been pushing an agenda designed to destroy the traditional family and render the population weakened, atomized, unstable, and lacking generational foundations. It is incumbent on us to promote large, virtuous, and healthy nuclear families, while simultaneously discouraging sexual immorality.


The Second Amendment suffers the greatest amount of persecution from government overreach and the ruling class. It is vital in securing all other freedoms against a regime that despises the American people. We are unabashedly pro-gun and believe in the right of self-preservation.


Anti-American, Big Tech monopolies are one of, if not the, biggest threats to the conservative movement and our generation as a whole. Big Tech has proven repeatedly that it will stop at nothing to subdue the ideas of America First Patriots while promoting the destruction of America, its people, and its principles. Big Tech disregards and tramples over the individual liberties of all Americans, from your average Joe to the President of the United States, and will continue to do so as conservative inactors tout freedom for "private business" over the American people.


We believe that it is absolutely impossible to disentangle Christianity not only from American identity, but from Western civilization itself.