Putting America first means putting American citizens first. The elite of our society promise us that immigrants make our country stronger, but is this really the case? Contrary to what corporate media and corrupt institutions claim, immigration negatively impacts our country. We import reduced living standards and cultures that are antithetical to our own. Immigrants are economic migrants, who view living in this country as a transaction. Their primary consideration is what this country and its systems can do for them, not what they can do for their country. While Republican lawmakers echo our disdain for illegal immigration, they ignore the economic, political, and cultural costs of mass legal immigration.


Both illegal and, in many cases, legal immigrants place a drain on the American taxpayer. This is exemplified by the fact that 63 percent of non-citizen households access welfare programs, compared to 35 percent of native households that do. While immigrants are more likely to consume public services, they pay a smaller share of the costs for those services due to their lower household incomes. The financial drain they place on our economy is not isolated to public services. Immigration interferes with the private sector and American jobs. Employers in the United States rely on the cheap labor of immigrant workers to keep the costs of their products and services down. These immigrants are willing to work for less, pricing regular Americans out of the job market. There are many unemployed Americans willing and able to work these jobs, but are forced out due to the high competition, which legal immigration exacerbates. Immigration is a sword which cuts deep into all sectors of the economy. It is well known that low wage jobs are flooded with cheap labor. Less frequently discussed is the displacement of American students in colleges by foreigners on green cards, the displacement of American tech workers in Silicon Valley, and the outsourcing of high paying middle class jobs. All of which wreaks havoc on young Americans who want to get a job, get married, and start a family. The argument that immigrants are productive taxpayers holds no salience when they only achieved that tax bracket by necessarily displacing an American.


There is currently an immigration crisis in our country that is causing both a short-term and a long-term political disaster. While the Democrats fervently support open borders on one side of the aisle, Republican leadership has been complicit in permitting the stampede of illegal immigration. When immigrants pour into our country, they not only compete with Americans for jobs, but also for influence over our national politics. The very first action these illegal immigrants take in our nation is a direct and blatant disrespect for our laws and principles. Over 22,100,000 immigrants are estimated to have come to this country illegally. Most of them are not fleeing persecution or looking to contribute to American greatness, but simply economic migrants looking to take advantage of the system our ancestors built through their blood and sweat. These immigrants take advantage of liberal institutions, using loopholes to get on welfare, avoid taxes, evade deportation, and directly interfere in our elections. It is necessary for us to elect America First politicians to fix our immigration policy and shut down this crisis.

It is evident that most immigrant groups overwhelmingly vote for liberal Democrats and have done so for decades. If the current rate of immigration is to continue, he country will become a one-party state. Since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, immigration from Western nations has drastically declined from 84% of immigration to the U.S. down to about 13%. Over 59,000,000 people, of which the vast majority come from nations that do not share a familiar political and cultural framework, have come to our country and are now citizens who can vote. If you doubt there are serious ramifications from this, take a look at the political history of California in the last 30 years. What was once the golden flower of Western civilization, now has a standard of living consistent with third world countries. Education standards have collapsed, crime is unbearable, the cities are filthy, and social liberalism creates an environment antagonistic to raising virtuous families. Whether these changes are direct results of immigration, or a result of Democrat leadership enabled by immigration, the result is still the same: The transformation of a beacon of civilization into the social and political experiment of California. Ronald Reagan famously governed California, and handily carried the state twice in the 80's. In such a short period of time, California has become a deep and impenetrably blue state. This is ironically in part due to Ronald Reagan's amnesty in 1986, and continued unfettered immigration since then. Now imagine this trend occurring nationwide. No Republican espousing America First ideals will ever be able to secure any electoral victory in the face of this demographic onslaught. In addition, with no push-back from Republican lawmakers, Democrats will have total control over United States policy indefinitely. An America Last government that puts foreigners above our own countrymen will not solve any of the issues facing Americans today. Our own people are without jobs, without homes, buried in debt, have increasingly limited freedom, and face oppressive, unconstitutional attacks from a hostile government. Any country that prioritizes immigrants is forced to put its own people last. America must return to putting the interests of its own citizens over foreign immigrants.

Any policy that promotes massive unrestricted and unregulated migration into the country, incentivized by government benefits, is without question an America Last policy. We believe a nation must hold the following criteria: it must have strong borders, national pride, and a cohesive identity. Without these traits, a nation cannot survive. We see rapid demographic change as America's destiny if we continue with the onslaught of unchecked immigration from the rest of the world. With a declining American birth rate, this inevitably leads to the problem of importing foreign nationals to fill in our labor force and infrastructure. We need smart policies that protect American families. We want to ensure that the future generations of Americans have the same opportunities given to us by the previous ones.


We believe that America is not just an idea, but a nation. It has defined borders forged by our forefathers and is composed of a people fostered within those borders. It was founded on the belief that its people should not be ruled by unappointed bureaucrats, but rather, by the consent of the governed. These are indisputable truths, and we would be wise to follow the will of our founders. Our Forefathers permitted immigration, however, the immigration of the late 1800's and early 1900's was qualitatively and quantitatively different than what our country is undergoing today. Prior to 1965, it consisted of measured, controlled, and numerically insignificant bursts of immigration spaced out over decades, from countries with shared similar cultural frameworks. The manner in which immigration historically had been conducted was to maintain our cultural core, while meeting very specific labor needs. This is in stark contrast to the modern conception of immigration, which sees immigration not as a means to an end, but an intrinsic good.

We affirm that a nation possesses its own sovereignty to determine who shall enter its borders. We have enjoyed a high quality of life for most of our history. Our ancestors tamed the wilderness and fashioned a civilization from nothing. While today, Americans refer to their country as a "nation of immigrants”, which is simply not true. Our ancestors were European settlers that voyaged over a treacherous ocean to establish a republic for their descendants. Out of the natural geography of the continent, a distinct and unique American spirit emerged and has thrived in America ever since. We cannot and should not allow people into our country that disrupt the texture of life. Immigrants proliferate the culture and interests of their home countries over that of our own. They enter the country at the expense of American families. Cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago no longer look like the same American cities that our parents and grandparents built. The fact is that the demographics of our cities have radically changed in the last sixty years resulting in cultural genocide. The American people were never consulted as to whether they wanted these dramatic changes. And like a force of nature, the incoherent mixing of cultures leads to conflict and resentment. When not fixated on the distribution of opportunity of resources, foreign ethnic groups quarrel amongst themselves over centuries old feuds, halting these conflicts only to unite against a common enemy: American culture and heritage, which serves as a common “oppressor” of all. Purveyors of the 1619 project, and other anti-American ideologies are pervasive and here to stay. Only a bold and ferocious defense of American heritage and identity will prove sufficient to preserve this country that patriots know and love. We cannot pretend that bringing in tens of millions of immigrants will improve the lives of the native-born population. Importing millions of foreigners every year is an egregious act, turning our nation into a powder keg waiting to explode.


The most obvious and immediate solution to our immigration crisis is simple: drastically reduce the amount of immigrants we let in. Fortunately, there are many different ways to counteract this problem.

We have listed just a few:

  • 10-Year Moratorium

    Restrict all immigration for 10 years to allow our current immigrants time to properly assimilate into America communities and culture.

  • Net Zero Immigration

    The number of people entering the country and leaving the country should balance each other to prevent our welfare systems from becoming overwhelmed.

  • Mandatory E-Verify

    Pass and institute a federal registry of all guest workers entering our country to ensure fair employment standards.

  • End Birthright Citizenship

    End birthright citizenship and replace it with a system more similar to that of most modern nations.


    Strengthen the security on the southern border to prevent illegal immigrants from flooding into our country. We must construct impenetrable walls described within the proposals made popular by the Trump Administration.

  • Deport All Illegal Immigrants

    Use ICE to find and deport all illegal imigrants who are residing in the United States and deport them to their country of origin. Illegal immigrants, by definition, are criminals and should be treated as such and not be granted an opportunity for citizenship.

  • Reject Amnesty

    Republicans must reject all calls for amnesty. Amnesty only begets more amnesty and more illegal immigration. No conservative who supports amnesty can appropriately be considered America First.

  • Work Visa Reform

    Drastically reduce legal temporary worker visas, such as H1B's, which lower wages and take jobs from Americans.

Immigration is the most important issue facing America in the 21st century and needs to be immediately addressed if our country is going to survive into the 22nd century. We demand Republican politicians listen to their supporters and take swift action.