It is clear to anyone who is paying attention that our nation is in a downward spiral. The root of this descent has been the exponential decay of the family. Media, corporations, and political forces have been pushing an agenda designed to destroy the traditional family and render the population weakened, atomized, unstable, and lacking generational foundations. It is incumbent on us to promote large, virtuous, and healthy nuclear families, while simultaneously discouraging sexual immorality.

All good things in a society ultimately flow from the family. When the building blocks of a society consist of high-trust, intricate networks of families working for the betterment of their communities, this produces social, cultural, economic, and political cohesion. What exactly do we mean by “traditional family”? The standard definition would be: one man serving the family as head of the household, one woman serving as the homemaker and mother to children, and divorce being all but out of the question. Beyond this, a traditional family is large and consists of close ties to extended family and the preservation of generational wealth and traditions. No individual exists outside of their relationship to their family; everyone is a product of their family and home environment. It is for this reason that the household is the most basic social unit. Therefore, it is morally incumbent on righteous men to set the tone, promote virtue, and protect their nation from corrupting and immoral forces. In order for our leaders to put America first, they must put families first.

There is a confluence of media and corporate interests that has led to the destruction of the nuclear family. Strong families have been the basis of American greatness ever since our nation began. The destruction of the family and the destruction of the nation are synonymous. Industrial revolutions, sexual revolutions, and various liberation movements have over time steered men, women, the economy, and society at large away from raising healthy families. The movement in the 20th century to remove women from their local communities en masse and get them to join production lines and office cubicles is a recent example. When women abandon homemaking and motherhood to pursue a career, the labor pool increases, which has a decreasing effect on wages. Consistent positive wage growth has occurred in only 10 of the last 40 years. Over this same period of time, we have transitioned from a society with mothers who raised their children, to one of child daycares and the expectation that every woman should be employed. Giving women the choice to work has created the need for two incomes, which takes away the choice of the women to not work, care for the children, and make the home an ideal environment.

The 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges decision was a disaster for the American people. Since then, our country has continued on a slippery slope towards the normalization of deviant behaviors and even child abuse. In recent years we have seen suggestive "pride parades" where people openly promote public indecency, as well as children being indoctrinated with the homosexual agenda in schools. Children are the future of this country, so when they are exposed to an indecent curriculum, we can only expect the future of our country to be very grim. Outside of school, the media bombards young people with pornographic imagery, often from ages as young as 10. Porn consumption has serious ramifications for children's long-term mental, relational, and spiritual health. The protection of our youth from salacious material and indecent exposure is paramount in a healthy and normal society.

The decay of the two-parent household is also due to the abhorrently high divorce rates in the United States. In 2019, the divorce rate per 1000 married persons was 14.9, which is almost double the rate from half a century ago. Changing laws have made divorce a common and viable option, while the media has destigmatized and even encouraged divorce. There is no stability for a child if there is only one parent present. The immense psychological and emotional trauma divorce inflicts on children can hardly be understated. Depression, drug abuse, anxiety, nihilism, and depravity run rampant because broken homes are increasingly the norm, not the exception. Every center of power in America today is working together to tear down anything resembling a healthy normal family that can produce well-adjusted children.

The most obvious and immediate solution to this crisis is simple: roll back decades of harmful, anti-family policies, strip power from those who wish to dismantle family values and incentivize married couples to stay married and have fruitful families. Fortunately, there are many ways to counteract this problem. We have listed just a few:

  • Implement a Child Tax Credit.

    Incentivize parents to increase their birthrate and to maintain a two-parent, stable household. Hungary has eliminated income tax for married couples with four or more children, which has led to tremendous benefits for the nation.

  • Ban transgender medical procedures.

    Transitioning medical procedures have demonstrative evidence in failing to help these people. They need psychological aid to deal with past trauma, not bodily mutilation and mind-numbing drugs.

  • End no-fault divorce.

    "No-fault" divorces make marriages expendable and violate the sanctity of the vow that’s been made. No-fault divorce is a relatively new policy, and a nation has an interest in ensuring marriages stay together. Most divorces are the result of "irreconcilable differences," which causes concern. Ending no-fault divorce would help protect the sanctity of marriage.

  • Ban or penalize companies hosting or pushing pornographic content (MindGeek, OnlyFans, etc.).

    Porn companies have slipped by for far too long without any punishment for the ease with which children can access them. These companies should be fully investigated for the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and the distribution of obscene material. At the very least, porn companies should institute a verification system in order to prevent children from accessing this material.

  • Loan forgiveness for having a large number of children and successfully raising them.

    The financial burden associated with raising children can potentially deter some couples from raising children. If we can provide incentives to help mitigate some of the detrimental financial factors which arise when rearing children, we can help encourage families to grow larger and support families who have limited capital.

Families are the building block of civilization. Without strong family values, the great American decline we have seen over the last 50 years will continue until there is nothing left for our children. We must reinstate the natural structure of the family unit so that our descendants may enjoy the same quality of life that our ancestors possessed.