Big Tech

Anti-American, Big Tech monopolies are one of, if not the, biggest threats to the conservative movement and our generation as a whole. Big Tech has proven repeatedly that it will stop at nothing to subdue the ideas of America First Patriots while promoting the destruction of America, its people, and its principles. Big Tech disregards and tramples over the individual liberties of all Americans, from your average Joe to the President of the United States, and will continue to do so as conservative inactors tout freedom for "private business" over the American people.

Solving the issue of Big Tech oligarchies is the first and most crucial step to regaining control of the Republican Party, promoting true conservatism, and ensuring the welfare of those who dissent against the status quo. Grassroots organizing and conservative outreach have been increasingly suppressed due to the total control of companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, who unfairly censor Republican voices. Leaders of local and national right-wing groups are now political prisoners, while individuals who dissent against the Big Tech Regime are punished beyond reason. From the average citizen who wishes to speak their mind, to the President of the United States, not one voice is safe unless they bow down to the Big Tech Overlords. Until this issue is resolved, the oppression against American Patriots will worsen to greater extents, reaching into the homes of those who are seen as enemies of the progressive state.

Corporations over the last several years have worked behind the scenes with groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to completely erase legitimate dissidents from the internet. Payment processors and banks will refuse to let you participate in the economy if you don't support their agenda. DDoS protection, which is necessary to keep a website up, will ban you from using their services. Doing this is viewed as legal and fair because its private actors, not the government. If this was standard practice in China or Cuba, conservatives wouldn't let us hear the end of it. Politicians who truly want to be America first, they should move without delay to protect the rights of American citizens before supporting regime change across the world in countries that are doing far less.

Conservative success in national politics relies on our ability to remain online. There are many steps that we must take to secure our future on the internet. These are some of the first:

  • Revise Section 230

    Section 230, as it stands, protects companies from liability over their users posts by classifying them as free speech platforms rather than publications. Big Tech consistently acts as a publisher, removing content as it deems fit, meaning that it should be legally recognized as a publisher, legally and financially responsible for the content published on its website if it does not change its behavior.

  • Break up Big Tech monopolies

    The coordinated deplatforming of conservatives across platforms is monopolistic collusion, plain and simple. This transnational entity must be counteracted through the break up of Big Tech monopolies - American speech is free, not owned.

  • Fine Big Tech companies for censoring users

    Fine companies engaging in anti-free speech, politically motivated censorship every day until the policy is reversed. Previously banned users should also be reinstated.

  • Outlaw Financial Deplatforming

    Banks, payment processors, and any other financial institutions should not have the ability to decline or leave unfulfilled transactions of clients based on their political leanings.

  • Target ISPs + Telecom companies

    The availability of internet service should be universal. The decision of who will have access to such crucial services should not be in the hands of companies, as it currently is.

The uncontrolled tyranny of Big Tech companies, if continued to be left unchecked, will prove to be the single greatest contributor to the destruction of the Republican Party in the 21st century. As soon as we as conservatives begin to get serious and address this problem, we can begin to hope that our vision for this great nation can finally be pursued.