Second Amendment Rights

The Second Amendment suffers the greatest amount of persecution from government overreach and the ruling class. It is vital in securing all other freedoms against a regime that despises the American people. We are unabashedly pro-gun and believe in the right of self-preservation. Without the Second Amendment, countless American lives would be lost to violence perpetuated both by the government and criminals in our communities. As Alexander Hamilton said, "The constitution shall never be prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."

The right to bear arms is an established power that is equal in legitimacy to all other amendments that have been given to the people of the United States. Our conservative representatives have a responsibility to stand true to the beliefs of the Founding Fathers in order to defend our freedoms. Unfortunately, many conservatives claim that they are staunch supporters of the Second Amendment, yet they still support Red Flag laws that restrict our gun rights. Republicans like Dan Crenshaw, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio all ran campaigns showing their support for the Second Amendment. Simultaneously, they all support Democrat proposed red flag laws, which allow law enforcement to raid your home, and seize your firearms on the whim of a judge. With violent crime surging across the country, Americans need to be able to defend themselves and their families without having to jump through hoops imposed by the government. Republican representatives need to be uncompromising defenders of Second Amendment rights in the wake of attacks from the Left attempting to strip us of our freedoms.

Protecting the Second Amendment with legislation comes as an easier task than the attempts of the Left to repeal it. There are many common-sense policy proposals to enshrine this right in order to bolster an individual's ability to protect themselves. We have listed just a few:

  • Stand your ground laws

    Stand your ground laws allow people to exercise their constitutional right of self defense, not retreat from a potentially lethal encounter, and provides legal protection for those who defend themselves against criminality. Retreating often proves to be fatal for the victim. The safest solution in dealing with lethal force is to respond with lethal force.

  • No Permits Required for Firearm Ownership

    Government-issued permits over the ownership and carry of firearms are infringements of your Second Amendment right to bear arms. Requirements have been abused by state officials to take fingerprints from private citizens and revoke gun rights over politically incorrect speech. Many states also hold concealed-carry permit owner’s information public. When Americans take personal protection into their own hands, it's nobody's business but their own. Constitutional carry is a must.

  • Civil Rights Restoration

    Many patriots who supported President Trump are under an unlawful assault from the federal government, and some will face prison time from false felony charges. These people need an avenue to regain their rights to self-defense after the state wrongly stripped them away.

  • Adopt Legislation from Strong 2A States

    States such as Arizona, among a handful of others, have no waiting period following purchasing a firearm, do not conduct universal background checks, and allow open carry within the state. Republican state governments nationwide should follow in Arizona's footsteps to ensure that everyone is able to protect themselves and their families.

  • 2A Sanctuary Cities

    With radical leftists in control of the federal government and many states; a devolution of power is required to safeguard our Second Amendment rights. Mayors and Sheriffs who understand and value the Constitution should be enabled to stand up to big government elites who seek to curtail the freedoms of their law-abiding constituents.